7 Mar


Bridging the Relationship Gap
Chapter Five: When Those Who Love Us Hurt Us
By Chelsea Hetherington

In Chapter 5, Dr. Langworthy discusses the impact that maltreatment and other traumatic experiences can have on a young child’s development. The idea that an early childhood care provider might be one of the few consistent, positive relationships in a child’s life is tragic, but it is also powerful. By fostering meaningful relationships with children who have faced extreme adversity, early childhood professionals have the power to support their development and foster resiliency in the face of adversity. Early childhood care providers, as well as the care environment itself, can be the emotional rock for children facing adversity, serving as a solid foundation from which they can learn and grow. By fostering positive connections, those of you who work directly with young children can buffer some of the negative effects of the trauma that children have experienced.

Below I’ve outlined my takeaways from Chapter 5… 

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