16 Feb


Bridging the Relationship Gap
Chapter Three: How What Surrounds Us Changes Us
By Scott Wiley

Have you ever planted seeds with young children? One favorite experiment is to plant seeds in different pots and adjust what you do with each one. One is placed in the window and regularly watered. One is placed in the window but not watered. One is regularly watered but placed in a dark cabinet. After a week or so, compare the pots. How are they the same? How are they different?

What does this have to do with the book study? Well, chapter 3 is all about context …

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  1. I have the expectations of being in control of your body, hands are to ourselves, eyes are watching, ears are listening and voices are at an inside level or quiet depending on the activities we are doing or what time of the day it is. These expectations are influenced by the culture of the academic world in which these children will be entering into in the near future. the teachers at their next school will be expecting them to be able to do these things without being told on a constant basis. I am able to look through the children’s information to know the family dynamic, the parents’ workplaces, and so on. We also have developmental portfolios that we are able to document in. This shows me what the children have successfully completed and what still needs to be worked on. In order to learn more about the students, I could send home a questionnaire but also in September we do an “All About Me” unit where we all learn about each other. I try to make the classroom environment as bright and cheery as possible. I do this using bright colors, signs and posters, make sure I say Good Morning or Afternoon to each child, wish the parents to have a great day, using praise when the children do something right, and try to balance every negative with 3-5 positives.

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