24 Jan


The seventh guest expert participating in this book study is… (drum-roll please)

Robert Gundling!

Dr. Robert Gundling is the Deputy Operating Officer for Sunshine Early Learning Center in Washington, DC. He is an Early Childhood Educator with over 40 years of experience working with children, families and early childhood professionals. He holds a Doctorate of Education in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s Degree in Elementary School Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.  His experience includes: teaching kindergarten and first grade in a public school system, administrator of a variety of Early Care and Education programs, government positions in Early Childhood Education and teaching courses at colleges and universities.

Robert will be leading our dialogue on Mar. 16th, 2017, regarding chapter 7 of Sara Langworthy’s book Bridging the Relationship Gap: Connecting with Children Facing Adversity.

*Just joining? You can find all the book study details HERE. Grab your copy of the book and join in for this epic online event beginning on Feb. 1st, 2017! Invite your friends and colleagues to join you! Earn training hours for completing this study!


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