5 Dec


EYM BeyondthePages

Here’s the information you’ve been waiting for! My next book study will be focused on Dr. Sara Langworthy‘s Bridging the Relationship Gap: Connecting with Children Facing Adversity book.


I realize that some of you may be new to the idea of an online book study. Don’t worry…there are no prerequisites for participation. Everyone is welcome and I’m so glad that you’ve stopped by! Do join us, won’t you? And please, spread the word! Share with a colleague, mentee, or friend. Consider hosting a staff/organization/state book club- read individually (chapters and online expert commentaries) then join together for discussion…sounds delightful! 

It is my genuine hope that this book study feature intrigues individuals, serves as inexpensive professional development, provides access to resources otherwise not attainable, and encourages meaningful conversations. Learn. Love. Lead.


  1. How does this study work?
    Participants will read the chosen book chapter and then visit the private learning community (paid participants only) for weekly guest expert commentary to further their thought-process, dialogue, etc. Follow along by using the Book Study Timeline (below). You may check in at your convenience. You are also invited to participate in the weekly dialogue by commenting below each post. Your experiences and perspective will help others on this journey. The profession needs your voice! Because this is an online study, the commentary will be available at a later date should you get behind. 
  2. Where can I purchase the book?
    1. Redleaf Press BOOK Sara Langworthy’s Bridging the Relationship Gap: Connecting with Children Facing Adversity
    2. Redleaf Press E-BOOK Sara Langworthy’s Bridging the Relationship Gap: Connecting with Children Facing Adversity
    3. Amazon
  3. How do I access the blog book study?
    *Visit my Blog– https://enhancingyoungminds.com/ and subscribe (upper right-hand corner)
    *Private Facebook learning community (paid participants only). You’ll receive an invitation email after payment is received.
  4. Is there a fee?
    Yes. Paying participants ($30) will have full access to the guest expert commentaries, author, and private Facebook learning community with extras! Non-paying participants will have limited access on the blog.
    *The approx. cost of the book is $24 (not included)
    **Minnesota participants seeking training hours through MNCPD/Develop and those seeking a training certificate are required to register and pay $30 prior to receiving hours/certificate (6 hours).
    –>HOW TO PAY:
    Pay by visiting the top-right of this blog and click the Paypal icon under Pay for Bookstudy
  5. Do I need to register?
    First, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Enhancing Young Minds (EYM) blog (upper right-hand corner). Then, drop me a note stating your participation by visiting my Contact Me page. Include your name and email address. Put “BOOK STUDY” in the subject area and “I PLAN TO PARTICIPATE-LANGWORTHY” (and anything else you’d like me to know) in the message area. Simply follow along each week to access the new discussions about the book. *Note* If you are seeking a certificate for training hours, you’ll need to follow these steps <–Click
  6. Can I participate?
    Absolutely!  You may participate a few different ways: read the book, follow along with the study, share on social media, post chapter comments on our blog, and/or blog your responses to chapter topics on your blog and link back to our expert commentaries. Pay and be part of the private learning community with special access to experts and the author! Twitter hashtag #BeyondThePages
  7. What if I miss the LIVE study? Can I still participate?
    Yes, absolutely! This book study will be available afterwards. This allows you to join and begin at any time. (see #4) Decide on a pace that works for you. 

Book Study Timeline!
Click on the chapter to access the guest commentary that coordinates with said chapter. Click the name to learn more about the guest expert.

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