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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT! Dr. Sara Langworthy

saralangworthySara Langworthy, PhD, works for the Children, Youth and Family Consortium at the University of Minnesota Extension. She is an expert in brain development research and enjoys developing creative ways of bridging gaps between the worlds of research, practice and policy. Dr. Langworthy served as a content expert for Wonder Years: The Science of Early Childhood, an exhibition at the Science Museum of Minnesota. In her current work, she is collaborating on a partnership with an elementary school in Saint Paul, MN to create trauma-sensitive learning environments to promote student resilience and learning. She creates educational videos on the science of child development on her YouTube channel, Developmental Enthusiast, and is co-founder of the organizational consulting firm, The Exchange Loop. Sara lives in Saint Paul, MN with her husband Jason, and two dogs Bingley and Kaylee.

book-coverRelationships play an important role in human development, especially in the first years of life. Bridging the Relationship Gap provides tools and encouragement to be the strong, positive, and nurturing adult these children need in order to thrive.

Learn more about the factors that contribute to the achievement and relationship gap including ecological, biological, and cultural differences. Most importantly, find many tools and resources to help you more effectively deal with the tough situations and become each child’s strongest ally. Softbound, 200 pgs. Age focus 0–8.

I had the opportunity to ask Dr. Langworthy a few questions about the book to give you a closer look at this resource. TUNE IN HERE! (download)

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Visit www.drlangworthy.com for more resources on the science and practice of building resilience in children facing adversity.

a51d3f6fef68e37ce45f6a46ae1d7ad6*The Enhancing Young Minds Blog Book Study, Beyond The Pages (Langworthy), will begin Feb. 1st! What makes it unique? It’s open to educators, providers, parents,  and anyone whose decisions impact young children. There are also guest content experts who will lend their voices to facilitate each week’s discussion! It is my genuine hope that this book study intrigues individuals, serves as inexpensive professional development, provides access to resources otherwise not attainable, and encourages meaningful conversations. Learn. Love. Lead. Learn more HERE!

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  1. Hi Sara, I am considering joining your book club, the book looks amazing. I was wondering if you offer the book on audio? Thank you very much.

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