21 Jul

TBT: Managing Waste

This post is a throw-back of mine from July 2009.

Minnesota throws away over 1 million tons of recyclable material each year! Taking care of our earth is our responsibility. What can YOU do to help?

I had the opportunity to attend a mini conference regarding MN waste reduction a few weeks ago. It was inspiring! Do you know what can be recycled? Are you aware of composting? We need to Rethink Recyclinghttp://www.rethinkrecycling.com/ is your “Go To Guide for the Twin Cities”.

RETHINK: Paper A 2000 study showed that 21% of household garbage in the Twin Cities metro area is recyclable paper. You can recycle more kinds of paper than you think.
RETHINK: Cans and Bottles You’ve just finished your afternoon can of soda, what do you do with it? Do you take the extra step to ensure that it is recycled? How important is it that your can or bottle ends up in a recycling bin?

Don’t forget to include the kids! It’s a great way to introduce them to concepts and build habits early. I’ve complied a few websites to visit for more resources (Adults/Children).

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