23 Jan

Virtual ECE Book Study Registration Reminder

4519D5BF-89B4-4342-915F-2541C6A48A5A[23]BeyondthePages.Goffin.2015[1]This virtual ECE book study will officially begin on Feb. 1st with the first expert commentary releasing on Feb. 2nd.

If you plan to participate (and I hope you do!), be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Enhancing Young Minds (EYM) blog. Then to register, drop me a note stating your participation by visiting the Contact Me page. Include your name and email address. Put “BOOK STUDY” in the subject area and “I PLAN TO PARTICIPATE” (and anything else you’d like me to know) in the message area. Simply follow along each week to access the new discussions about the book. *Note* If you are a MN participant seeking a certificate for MNCPD approved training hours, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Currently, participants are registered from MN, VA, IL, NJ, MT, CA, NC, Canada, and Nigeria! Are YOU?

Do you have the book yet? Now is the time if you don’t! NAEYC comprehensive members should have received this book in the fall (2015). See the links below to purchase a copy of Professionalizing Early Childhood Education as a Field of Practice: A Guide to the Next Era.
1. Redleaf Press – Use code PROECE to save 10% on Stacie Goffin’s Professionalizing Early
Childhood Education As a field of Practice
 through 3-1-16*
(*May not be combined with other offers or discounts. Not valid on bulk purchases.)
3. Amazon 

*Participants are encouraged to fully participate by posting thoughtful and reflective responses (regarding book readings and expert commentaries) in the comments section of the blog post each week  during the blog study (8 reflections). If participants are bloggers themselves and are blogging about this experience and their reflections, they are able to simply post the weblink to their blog post in the blog comments section.

Remember that this book study will be available online after the LIVE study. This allows you to register and begin at any time if my timeline doesn’t fit your schedule. Decide on a pace that works for you.

To access all the book study detailsclick HERE.


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