7 Jan

Early Childhood Goffin Book Study Special Guests #2 & #3 Announced!

The second guest expert participating in this book study is… (drum-roll please)


Roseann Murphy!

Roseann Murphy

Roseann Murphy’s early childhood profession spans nearly four decades. Her extensive resume includes positions as a Child Care Advocate, Owner and Director of Infant/Toddler/Preschool Centers, Private In-Home Teacher, Resource and Referral Coordinator, Family Child Care Educator, and trainer. As an Infant Care Specialist  her work includes, Parenting Coach, Early Childhood Teacher, Workshop Leader, and Infant Nutrition Adviser.

Roseann was inspired by the work of Infant Specialist Magda Gerber. She attended the very first RIE trainings in Los Angeles and was a panel presenter at the International Infant Conference presented by Resources for Infant Educarers® Conference held at UCLA Los Angeles in 1979. She is the founder/owner/director of Malibu Infant Toddler Child Development Center and Little River School working with children from infancy through kindergarten. Roseann studied early childhood development at Pacific Oaks in Pasadena and University of California in Los Angeles.

After spending most of her ECE career in Southern California, Roseann now resides in Northern Illinois where she continues her work as a parenting coach, early childhood education consultant, board President of a child development center, foster parent and adoptive parent.

Roseann Murphy provides support and guidance to professionals and parents through private consultations, workshops, classes and through her online collection of written works both by herself and guest writers. Roseann connects with professionals and parents through Essence of Child Caring’s website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest board, and YouTube channel. Roseann Murphy does private parent and early childhood consulting. You can reach Roseann by email at EssenceOfChildCaring@gmail.com. Blog https://essenceofchildcaring.edublogs.org

Roseann is also an artist who loves nature, enjoys organic gardening, caring for her many rescue animals and anything Shabby Chic.

“Pretty much everything this woman, Roseann Murphy, posts about infants and children is worth the time to read. Roseannis an expert in infant and child development. I love that I have such an amazing friend in her. Rock on Roseann” – Lee AnnLang

Roseann will be co-leading our dialogue on Feb. 9th, 2016, regarding chapter 1 of Stacie Goffin’s book Professionalizing Early Childhood Education As a Field of Practice: A Guide to the Next Era.

The third guest expert participating in this book study is…

Magdalena Palencia!

Magdalena P

Magdalena S. Palencia has worked extensively in all areas of education. Early in her career Magdalena taught history, Spanish grammar, and geography at some of the most prestigious schools in Argentina, including Escuela de Educacion Tecnica SEGBA, The Catholic University of Argentina, and Instituto 25 de Mayo. As co-founder and director of The Century of the XXI non-profit cultural association, Magdalena worked in conjunction with the Santa Monica Library to elevate cultural awareness of Latin America. As head teacher of Little River School in Malibu, Magdalena applied her expertise in early childhood education to create an innovative curriculum for fostering early development incorporating the latest research and findings in the field.

Apart from personal consulting for parents and educators alike, Magdalena shares her expertise and the latest developments in early childhood education through her blog, A Bilingual Childhood Education Blog by Magdalena S. Palencia. Currently, Magdalena is a Spanish literature and Geography teacher at La Escuela Argentina en Los Angeles, where she is also the acting Vice Principal.

Magdalena will be co-leading our dialogue on Feb. 9th, 2016, regarding chapter 1 of Stacie Goffin’s book Professionalizing Early Childhood Education As a Field of Practice: A Guide to the Next Era.

Magdalena’s email is Magdalena.palencia@gmail.com
Blog: http://magdalenaspalencia.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/magdapalencia/

*Just joining? You can find all the book study details HERE. Grab your copy of the book (did you enter the free book giveaway yet?) and join in for this epic online event beginning on Feb. 1st, 2016! Invite your friends and colleagues to join you!

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