21 Jan

Early Childhood Goffin Book Study Guest Expert #7 Announced!

The seventh guest expert participating in this book study is… (drum-roll please)



Tracy McElhattan!

Tracy M

Tracy’s career has included many roles in early childhood, including a paraprofessional, a lead classroom teacher, a co-teacher, and an itinerant special education teacher. She has also completed many child screenings and evaluations as an early childhood diagnostician.

Tracy has an M.S. in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership with a concentration in Special Education from Oklahoma State University. In 2014, she completed a Ph.D. in Special Education, with a concentration in Early Childhood Unified Education, from the University of Kansas. While at the University of Kansas, she worked at Juniper Gardens Children’s Project with the Center for Response to Intervention, researching early language and literacy interventions with children at-risk for later reading disabilities. Currently, Tracy serves as the Director of Preschool Ministry at Blue Valley Baptist Church in Overland Park, Kansas, as well as a freelance curriculum developer, editor, and speaker for a large religious publisher.

Her passion is helping teachers learn how to create inclusive environments in order for all children to have a successful educational environment. Tracy currently resides in Gardner, Kansas with her husband and two active boys, ages 4 and 1. You can reach Tracy on Twitter at @DrTracyMcE

Tracy will be leading our dialogue on Mar. 8th, 2016, regarding chapter 3 of Stacie Goffin’s book Professionalizing Early Childhood Education As a Field of Practice: A Guide to the Next Era.

*Just joining? You can find all the book study details HERE. Grab your copy of the book and join in for this epic online event beginning on Feb. 1st, 2016! Invite your friends and colleagues to join you!

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