24 Dec

TBT: Language/Literacy Activity Ideas

This language post is a throw-back of mine from January 2009.6ab5ab17881c674bd1a45087566e73de

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for simple activity ideas for children. It’s important to make sure that they are developmentally appropriate and safe. (Ex: Marbles would not be a developmentally appropriate activity for infants/toddlers). The activities should also be educational in some way. What’s the purpose of the activity? What will the child learn or ‘get’ from completing the activity. Of course, the activity should be FUN and enjoyable for the child as well.

Today, I’m going to focus on language/literacy activities for preschoolers. These are quick and easy activities that don’t require a lot of extras. Use a box lid (shoe or larger) to create a writing slate. The child can add a bit of salt or sand into the lid. (You can reinforce edges with ducktape/booktape, if desired) Make sure he/she pours in enough to cover the bottom of the lid. The child can then write their name, draw shapes, and letters in the salt/sand. The child can gently shake the lid side to side to ‘erase’ their work and begin again.

Another fun activity is called Add-On. It usually works best as a one-on-one activity. You’ll need a tablet and pencil. Draw simple objects with obvious missing parts. Encourage the child to add on the missing part. (Ex: Rectangle with one side missing, Car with no wheels)

Here’s a simple writing activity using page protectors and crayons. Write child’s name on piece of paper. Put paper in page protector. Encourage child to trace name with crayon. Using a cloth, etc. child can erase crayon name and begin again.

What simple DIY language/literacy activities for preschoolers do you use? Comment/Reply below.