17 Dec

TBT: The Olympic Commercial You Haven’t Seen

profile-picThe number of commercials shown in an hour of television has increased over the past five years, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town. In fact, the estimated revenue of the U.S. broadcasting industry is said to be about $125 billion!  These statistics seem crazy, but can you believe that in 2010 an average U.S. consumer spent 5h 25.5min daily with TV?!

Why am I talking about broadcasting on an early childhood blog? Today’s TBT post is in regards to an Olympic commercial. One of my ‘strengths is learner and I thought about how often I see those around me “plugged in”. Commercials aren’t just shown on the home television set anymore. They’re all around us: on our devices, digital billboards, city buses, etc. I’d say there are both drawbacks and benefits to this. Your thoughts? Reply below.

Blogging has been a part of my life for nearly 8 years. It has been enjoyable to look back in the archives because I have forgotten about many of the posts. It’s like a small time capsule – a window back in time. Every Thursday, I’ll be sharing one post from the archives for Throw Back Thursday. This week’s post comes from Feb. 2010:

There has been a lot of news coverage of the Olympics lately. You probably have a favorite sport to watch and athletes that you cheer on. You may stay up way too late watching finals when you know you should be sleeping. You may have seen some awesome moments and perhaps some horrific ones as well. BUT you probably haven’t seen this…

3 Dec

TBT: Children and Cell Phones

This cell phone post is a throw-back of mine from 2008 on this blog

As I was driving home from work last night, I noticed (as I’m sure you have too) that a high percentage of people were (or seem to be) on their cell phones. Today I stopped into Subway, and again noticed some people on their phones. A few weeks ago, I walked through the park and yes, you guessed, people on their cells. Mobile phones are great and I too, fall victim to almost being dependent on it.53817

The question arises “How did we operate without cell phones?” I didn’t have a cell phone until nearly college. However, it’s the norm now and almost a ‘need’ to have one (and people are getting them younger and younger)… so I’d like to direct this post to you.69f63

At what age do you think it’s safe, healthy, and necessary to give a child a cell phone, if at all? Should infants and toddlers be using cell phones? Once the child has passed through early childhood and is a school-ager, is that a good time to introduce a cell phone?38d94

Should cell phones be given to middle school-agers? Can they handle that responsibility? What are the pros and cons of each age group? Why should a child have a cell phone? Why shouldn’t they? Are there any dangers/potentially harmful effects?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below.


25 Nov




childhood memories guest Nathan Dungan's bookMarketers have had us and our children in their sights for a long time, giving us a million ideas for how to spend our money to make this the best holiday season ever. But what are the childhood memories you cherish and recall from the holidays? Chances are they are less about expensive gifts than about fun and laugher with the people who loved you. Nathan Dungan, founder of Share, Save, Spend, joins Marti & Erin for a timely, helpful and heartfelt discussion about how to reduce stress, increase joy and enhance the significance of this special time of year. You will be glad you tuned in! TUNE IN HERE.

What are some of your favorite childhood holiday memories? What made those moments so special for you? How can you use those childhood memories to help you create the kind of low-stress, joyful season you want for yourself and your family?

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