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I’m pleased to announce that MN participants of our Beyond The Pages book study (Langworthy) may earn 6 training hours for active participation. This is an approved course through the MN Center for Professional Development/DEVELOP! This course applies toward Parent Aware: 4. Curriculum Implementation and 8. Supporting Development (Social-Emotional, Language/Literacy, Mathematical Thinking, Physical Dev); the Knowledge and Competency Framework Areas: II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development (3 Hours) and VI: Professionalism (3 Hours); and the CDA Content Areas: Social & Emotional Development (3 Hours) and Maintaining Professionalism (3 Hours).

To learn more about this study, including the FAQs, click HERE!

Participants can participate live each week following the book study schedule OR may complete it as a self-paced course any time in 2017, once it begins on 2/1/17.

The following guidelines are for participants seeking MNCPD/Develop hours or a certificate for active participation in the Beyond The Pages Early Childhood Book Study (Langworthy):

  1. Participants will SUBSCRIBE to the Enhancing Young Minds (EYM) blog (upper right-hand corner). Then, drop me a note stating your participation by visiting my Contact Me page. Include your name and email address. Put “BOOK STUDY” in the subject area and “I PLAN TO PARTICIPATE-LANGWORTHY” (and anything else you’d like me to know) in the message area. Simply follow along each week to access the new discussions about the book.
  2. Participants will pay for training hours/certificate. Pay by visiting the top-right of this blog and click the Paypal icon under Pay for Bookstudy.
  3. Participants will obtain a copy of the chosen book Bridging the Relationship Gap: Connecting with Children Facing Adversity by Sara Langworthy. Use code BRG17 to save 20% on Sara Langworthy’s Bridging the Relationship Gap: Connecting with Children Facing Adversity at Redleaf Press through 2/4/17. You may also order through Amazon.
  4. If you are on Facebook, JOIN this event!
  5. Participants will read the chapters according to the timeline (bottom of linked page) and review the correlating expert commentary on this blog.
  6. Participants will participate by posting thoughtful and reflective responses(regarding book readings and expert commentaries) in the comments section of the blog post each week for the duration of the blog study. That means that participants will post 7 reflections. If participants are bloggers themselves and are blogging about this experience, including their reflections, they are able to simply post the web link to their blog post in our blog comments section.
  7. Participants will keep an organized log (Word document) of all comments or blog posts (with dates and chapters) and email them to Dawn Braa (dawnbraa1@gmail.com) at the end of the study.
  8. Participants are responsible for submitting their certificate to Develop to be entered in their learning record UNLESS they JOIN DEVELOP (free to create an account). If participants submit their MNCPD Develop ID # to Dawn along with their organized log of participation, course completion will automatically be entered onto their MNCPD learning record!

*Participants must successfully complete all requirements to be eligible for training hours/certificate.
**Duplicate certificates will not be sent.

If you live outside MN and are seeking training hours, I suggest you also document your active participation and inquire with your state about approval possibilities. I am not guaranteeing approval of any kind outside of MN, but you will receive a certificate after successful completion and payment.


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