20 Jan

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: One Step Ahead (Sensory Stonez & Stepperz)

Today I’m going to share with you my educated opinion about: Sensory Stonez & Stepperz Balancing Toy from One Step Ahead (OSA). OSA sent me this product to review. If you are unfamiliar with OSA, click HERE to learn more about the company. The Sensory Stonez & Stepperz Balancing Toy sells for $99.95, but is currently 50% off and available for $49.97.download (2)

I was aesthetically pleased when I first opened the box. The Stonez are bright and colorful, with patterns and textures atop them. The cushioned Sensory Stonez & Stepperz are made of a gentle, non-slip, latex-free vinyl. They seem durable and easy to clean/sanitize. Although I figured children would dig them, I knew that I wanted to have an actual child test them out. The Sensory Stonez & Stepperz are recommended for ages 4+ and I knew just the child…and active 5 year old boy who enjoys new opportunities for play.


My friend, Logan (5), had a blast with the Sensory Stonez & Stepperz! He looked on with eager anticipation as I took each ‘stone’ out of the box. His mom and I suggested that he make a path to cross. Logan created a mostly straight path. He removed his socks. “How do they feel Logan?” “They are bumpy. They feel pokey and patterns.” He worked on his balance. Each time he crossed successfully, his confidence grew.


As his confidence grew, so did his ideas! Because the Sensory Stonez & Stepperz are basically loose parts, they are open-ended. This means that children are free to choose how they want to interact with them. They are extremely mobile and easy to carry. Logan decided to see what the Sensory Stonez & Stepperz would feel like on his hands and knees. Could he make it across? With ease of course!


Logan decided it was time to step up the ante. He began to stack the Stonez as his mother looked on with worry. I reminded her that he was on the carpet and that we were nearby. “He wants to challenge himself and see if he can be successful. This is a great concept to practice!” I said.

“Here I go!” He seemed excited to try his experiment.


“It’s too wobbly!”


He moved to a new idea. What about jumping over the Stonez? Would that work? Ready…Go!


Success! Two jumps.


As I was packing up and saying goodbye, Logan’s mother said, “Thanks for coming over. He loves the Stonez. He could play with them for hours. I know it.” What a nice solution for parents (or teachers), especially when the weather outside isn’t cooperating and the children are cooped up inside. The colorful Sensory Stonez & Stepperz would allow children to release energy, but also use creativity and imagination, provide tactile stimulation, work on balance and core muscle strength, enhance language development…and all while PLAYING!


I know you’ll want these for your classroom or home…One Step Ahead has generously sponsored a giveaway so one lucky winner can! Enter below for your chance to win. Each task you do is another entry for yourself in the drawing! Complete the task and then click that you did it. Tweeting on Twitter and sharing on Facebook can be done DAILY. Other entries are once per giveaway. *NOTE* This giveaway runs from 1/20/16 until 2/2/16 (Ending @ 12:00am EST).

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  1. In my preschool classes, we would use these as an additional way to work on large motor skills. My students love when we find new ways to play, especially during the cold winter months.

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