4 Jan

ECE Book Study GIVEAWAY from Redleaf Press!


Exciting news! As an Enhancing Young Minds partner for the Beyond The Pages book study, Redleaf Press is graciously donating TWO Professionalizing Early Childhood As a Field of Practice books! I hope you’ll enter the giveaway and participate in this innovative book study event. The more participants involved, the more perspective and insight shared! Click on the book image for a sneak peek inside! See below for the book description:

book study image“For many years people have thought about how to bring more professional structure to the early childhood education field. Professionalizing Early Childhood Education as a Field of Practice: A Guide to the Next Era is a tool to help everyone in early childhood education engage in serious discussions about professionalizing the field. Author and thought leader Stacie G. Goffin has written a book that contains an overview of the topic, a participant guide, a conversation workbook, and a facilitator guide. Each section supports deep thought and creative discussions about how early childhood education can move toward being a professional field of practice. The conversations from this book are intended to shape the field’s future. Don’t sit back and listen; be part of this important conversation.”

You have an opportunity to participate in this book study as we go through the book together, becoming an online learning community. Learn about the book study and how to register HERE. Scroll down to enter the giveaway. . .Did I mention you have 11+ possible entries? See below for details.

BeyondthePages Bookstudy Goffin

Enter below for your chance to win. Each task you do is another entry for yourself in the drawing! Complete the task and then click that you did it. Tweeting on Twitter and sharing on Facebook can be done DAILY. Other entries are once per giveaway. *NOTE* This giveaway runs from 1/4/16 until 1/20/16 (Ending @ 12:00am EST).

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16 thoughts on “ECE Book Study GIVEAWAY from Redleaf Press!

  1. I am excited to participate in this blog book study as I work with early childhood teachers. I think this book about professionalizing the field will help enhance my work.

  2. I was an Early Childhood Development & Education Teacher Educator for over 33 years, after teaching kindergarten for 6 years. When I received my B.S. in ECE, the curriculum of the program was essentially Montessori based. The most important part was studying Child Development courses in-depth by age groups such as Birth to 3 months, 3 to 6 months & up to age 8, in terms of physical, sensory-motor & sensory cognitive, social & emotional development. In addition our program had semester courses in Children’s Lit., early childhood science, cooking, block play, carpentry, library & literacy, dramatic play, etc. To graduate we needed to be able to play an instrument well enough to have daily music & movement times in the classroom. Learning appropriate songs & music for each age level & how to support individual, parallel, cooperative play was essential in theory & during our internships. I worry that our Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Kdgn & Grade 1 through 3 teachers are not given the knowledge & skills they will need to support developmentally appropriate practice, learning through play, because they have not, themselves, experienced it.

  3. I work a lot with coaches as well as teachers in supporting best practice in programs and classrooms. I also develop training opportunities for teachers, directors and coaches.

  4. The importance of professionalizing the field of Early Education and Care cannot be understated. It is time we received the respect — and compensation — we so richly deserve. It is past time for the world to understand and see the importance of the work we do.

  5. Nothing is more important than impacting the life of young children. Too often teachers in these early years are overlooked or not considered “real teachers.” Whatever we can do to elevate early childhood education is worth the effort.

  6. Hi, I am currently an educator to future educators in ECE. I strongly believe many are still underestimating the professionalism in ECE and yes, lack of recognition leads to lesser appreciation especially when it comes to remuneration and career pathway possible for ECE graduates. I would love to see the field to gain better acknowledgement in the wider society.

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  7. This looks like an outstanding opportunity to share in the advocacy for young children, and contribute to the field of early education.

  8. My early childhood program is working hard to share knowledge about the importance and impact of educating young learners. I’m excited to be a part of the conversation!

  9. I am interested to see others comments on our profession. We need to see ourselves as professionals so those in the outside will see us that way.

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