17 Dec

Beyond The Pages Book Study Frequently Asked Questions (Goffin)

Here’s the information you’ve been waiting for! My next book study will be focused on Stacie Goffin’s book Professionalizing Early Childhood Education as a Field of Practice: A Guide to the Next Era. I’m honored to announce that there is another fantastic lineup of early childhood experts to assist in leading the conversation around this book! In the coming weeks, those content experts will be announced. Did I mention that Redleaf Press is sponsoring a BOOK GIVEAWAY beginning on Jan. 2nd, 2016? Stay tuned! (Although the LIVE book study has ended, blog visitors are welcome [and encouraged!] to participate).



I realize that some of you may be new to the idea of an online book study. Don’t worry…there are no prerequisites for participation. Everyone is welcome and I’m so glad that you’ve stopped by! Do join us, won’t you?


  1. How does this study work?
    Participants will read the chosen book and visit the blog for weekly guest expert commentary to further their thought-process, dialogue, etc. Follow along by using the Book Study Timeline (below). You may check in at your convenience each week. You are also invited to participate in the weekly dialogue on the blog by commenting below each post. Your experiences and perspective will help others on this journey. The profession needs your voice! Because this is an online study, the commentary will be available at a later date should you get behind. Please note that the Ask The Author feature is only guaranteed during the live book study dates.
  2. Where can I purchase the book?
    NAEYC comprehensive members should have received this book in the fall (2015). See the links below to purchase a copy of Professionalizing Early Childhood Education as a Field of Practice: A Guide to the Next Era.

    1. Redleaf Press – Use code PROECE to save 10% on Stacie Goffin’s Professionalizing Early
    Childhood Education As a field of Practice
     through 3-1-16*

    2. NAEYC
  3. How do I access the blog book study?
    You may access the book study a few different ways:

    Visit my Blog– http://enhancingyoungminds.com/ and subscribe (upper right-hand corner)
    Like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EarlyChildhoodIdeasResources
    Follow on Twitter– https://twitter.com/dawnbraa
    Attend the Facebook Book Study Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1078301142189381/
  4. Do I need to register?
    First, be sure to
    SUBSCRIBE to the Enhancing Young Minds (EYM) blog. Then, drop me a note stating your participation by visiting my Contact Me page. Include your name and email address. Put “BOOK STUDY” in the subject area and “I PLAN TO PARTICIPATE” (and anything else you’d like me to know) in the message area. Simply follow along each week to access the new discussions about the book. *Note* If you are seeking a certificate for training hours, you’ll need to follow these steps <–Click
  5. Is there a fee?
    No, not to participate, except the cost of the book (approx. $20). *Minnesota participants seeking training hours through MNCPD/Develop or anyone seeking a training certificate is required to pay $30 prior to receiving hours/certificate (6 hours). Pay by visiting the top-right of this blog and click Donate under PAY for Book-study Certificate Here.
  6. Can I participate?
    Absolutely!  You may participate a few different ways: read the book, follow along with the study, share on social media, post chapter comments on our blog and/or Facebook page, and/or blog your responses to chapter topics on your blog and link back to our expert commentaries. Twitter hashtag #BeyondThePages
  7. What is Ask the Author?
    The author of this book, Stacie Goffin, has generously agreed to participate in our blog study by answering questions from participants!  How cool is that?! #AskAuthor
  8. What if I miss the LIVE study? Can I still participate?
    Yes, absolutely! This book study will be available online afterwards. This allows you to join and begin at any time. (see #4) Decide on a pace that works for you. Be sure to comment on the EYM blog so we can all be part of your conversation as well!

Book Study Timeline!
(After reading, click on the chapter to view the expert commentary for the coinciding chapter. Click the name to learn more about the guest expert)

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